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Search Marketing Management

Simply put, we leverage the biggest ad platforms on the web (Google Ads and Microsoft Ads) against behavioral data to make calculated decisions that drive traffic, leads, and phone calls that convert.  


Pay Per Click - Search Engine Marketing - Ad Management

Our Core Processes
for Successful Ad Campaigns

State of the Union
State of the Union

You can't improve what you don't measure, so we establish a performance baseline based off of existing performance and asset analysis, competitive analysis, and industry research. Set a standard, beat the standard.

Test. Measure. Repeat.
Test. Measure. Repeat.

Google and Facebook love data. The more we can feed it, the faster we can find what works to maximize our ad spend. Open the floodgates, measure established KPI's, test ad and campaign options, and repeat as needed.

Explosion and Expansion
Explosion and Expansion

Now that real KPI's are set, campaigns are running, and ads have prove themselves, we can justify increasing your presence, shifting onto new platforms, expanding into new ad types, and bring more attention to ancillary services.

why choose us

The Transparent Search Engine Ad Management Agency

Everyone will tell you they’re the best, but no one will show you why, until now.  Transparency in our ad management practices allows us to educate you on what it takes to create successful campaigns.  The more you know, the further you’ll see why we’re the best choice for Facebook and Google Ad management.

No-Pressure, No-Hassle Ad Evaluation

    Tore Up from the Floor Up

    We do what it takes to do things right. Rebuild, re-work, or re-design, if it has to be done - it gets done.

    Continuous Improvement

    Slow and steady wins the race - especially on platforms like Google. Don't expect overnight results. Expect long-lasting, long-term results.

    Keep you in the Loop

    Over-communicating isn't in our vocab. We love to have talks scheduled regularly, but if you want one in between, just call!

    What's Next?

    We understand not every business is built for Facebook or Google - but if there's good reason, expect us to suggest trying the other out. They're not the same, which is great for your business.

    about helix marketo

    "I've been in the game
    for years, it made me an animal." - Notorious BIG

    It takes more than a certification to be good at managing millions of dollars in ad spend #flex.  It takes years of marketing experience OUTSIDE of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to know how to apply attained marketing knowledge INSIDE an all-powerful platform.  

    We’re unapologetic about who we are – a bunch of rebellious marketers that compete with each other for the sake of delivering gains for our clients.  It’s in our DNA.  We compete for you – and that should make you feel good because we truly want to be better for our clients.

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    Sometimes we find awesome marketing information we want to share with you.  Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Digital Marketing in general can be found here (or at the link at the top of our site).